SIxxx before my files and folders names


I have strange SIxxx in my folder and some file names

“Réunions” is now “SISimplenote Réunions”
“ToDo” is now “SIToDoist Todo”

And many others


I not have this problem on my IPAD and Iphone instance of the vault (seld-hosted LiveSync), only on my windows instance.

Someone have the same problem ?


Have you installed any new plugins recently?

I’d start my investigation there.

No recent plugin

All was fine since this morning.

All my plugins are up to date .

One more information

The problem seems to be on folder names… the only file who have the problem is the “ToDO” file

Sounds like you may be using an icon plugin and see seeing icon names instead of icons.

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Thanks a lot Cawlin, it’s the solution !

The plugin is “iconize” version 2.10.1. I desactivate it.

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