Single .md file vault?

I’m just wondering, if single (monolith) .md file vaults could be an option for Obsidian?
Meaning that vault consists not from actual multiple files and folders, but from one big .md file, which displays inside Obsidian as separate independent notes.
As for me, this could have advantages as freedom in note naming, vault portability, refactoring possibilities and so on.

For example - Excel doesn’t create a new file for each spreadsheet in a workbook, probably for a reason.

Or, maybe, there is some reason behind current vault architecture?

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sure, you can try that and use just header references and block references.

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Works perfectly well, though you need to pay some attention to total file size.

Disadvantage is that most plugins, and some of Obsidian’s design is centred around a large number of smaller files.

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If a single-file architecture interests you, and the plugins do not matter much, then you could look into TiddlyWiki

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Thank you for replies.
After reading them I’ve realized that the my question should have been a bit different:

Is it technically possible to make Obsidian display and process single .md file as if it’s multiple files?
If yes, does anyone else interested in this option? :slight_smile:

Cause I’m personally lacking hierarchical approach (kind of like used in Dendron).
Way suggested above by WhiteNoise is an option to some extend, but I’m lacking visual isolation of particular file’s node I’m working with, so rest of file doesn’t distract me.
And plugin support matters for me as well.

Thank you for a tip! That’s interesting application. I’m also using Cherrytree. Good one as well :slight_smile: