Single Line Breaks not rendered anymore in admonitions after update to 1.0 (Live Preview)

After updating to 1.0 the line breaks in Admonitions do not render anymore, despite “Strict Line Break” being disabled.
Line Breaks still rendered correctly in Reading Mode.

Steps to reproduce

Create an Admonition in Live Preview with this content:

this is the first line
this is the second line

this is the third line

-this is the end

Expected result

Line Breaks get rendered as pre-1.0 / Reading Mode

Actual result

Single Line Breaks not rendered at all.


OS: Win10 1809 x64 LTSC

we don’t provide support for third party plugins. contact the author of that plugin.

I dont want support for the Plugin.
I just want to have Obsidian render it the same way as before the update.

Obsidian update broke it (when there is clearly a
in the source), so it should fix it as well.

we don’t make that plugin and we don’t provide guarantees that it’s gonna work. sorry!

For anyone reading this in the future:
fix can be found here: Line breaks not showing correctly in editing preview · Issue #266 · valentine195/obsidian-admonition · GitHub