Single hotkey to set checkbox complete + add date?

Things I have tried

  • Tinkering with QuickAdd plugin
  • Searching for plugins that can execute multiple editing commands w/ single keystroke (e.g.: replace “- [ ]” with “- [x]” on current line, move cursor to end of line, add tag or metadata w/ current date)

What I’m trying to do

As part of my task tracking setup, I’d love to be able to use a single hotkey to set a checkbox to complete and tag the task as complete with the current date. I use both QuickAdd and Dataview, and that “tag” could just be Dataview inline metadata ([completion::2022-11-21]). Would also help to have a hotkey to add different metadata/tags to the end of the current line no matter where the cursor is currently. Having a single hotkey to perform both actions would really help me stay focused and avoid forgetting to add that important metadata.

The Tasks plugin does this. When you complete a task, it provides an option to record the date it was completed.

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