Single File Day Planner => Workflow Discussion

I recently stumbled upon this article. It proposes to use a single text file for all the day notes and tasks.

For the last months I used Notion as a personal organisation and note taking tool for my job. But over the time it grew more and more into a sophisticated project management tool for me, which created a lot of overhead even when I just wanted to create a simple task. Which is not my Idea of a day planner. And Notion is pretty slow, which I think is the worst attribute of something to work as a day planner.

So in an effort to create a system with little overhead I am now using the proposed workflow of the article but with obsidian. This has the benefit, that it is still light weight but I can convert every task into a full page if I need to write down the thoughts or research results of this task.

Dio some of you use obsidian as a day planner? Have you used it but stopped and if so why did you stop? What do you think are the benefits of using a new page everyday compared to the one page?