Since 1.6.0, file navigator takes 15-20 seconds to appear with specific plugin loaded

Over in Bug Reports, it states that only bugs reproducible in the Sandbox are accepted. So I’m posting this here for visibility.

With Obsidian 1.6.0 on macOS and only a single plugin trganda/obsidian-attachment-management enabled, I am experiencing a very long delay (15-20s) before the file explorer tree on the left is shown. Until then, the panel appears completely blank, like this:

I had a quick glance at the source but didn’t see anything in the onload() methods that should cause such a delay. And this is new in 1.6.0.

I reported the issue over there already but in case this is just a regression in Obsidian itself, I wanted to post here too. Anyone else seeing this?

Has anyone else experienced this?

Found the source of the delay … thousands of calls to onLayoutReady()

But I don’t know yet if this is an Obsidian bug or a problem with the plugin’s code. Any ideas?


Here’s a perf graph captured during a long load

Zooming in at/near the moment when the file tree appears

all this is just 1000s of iterations to onLayoutReady()

I forked the repo and came up with a fix that’s working for me. In case anyone wants to try… here are the steps