Simply FROM 'foldername' query fails - parse error

What I’m trying to do

Using the dataview and database plugins, I’m choosing the database data source ‘Dataview query’. Then I enter simply FROM foldername, where the foldername is correct.

I get the same error for all folder name I test.

The error in added as an image:

Things I have tried

I tried changing the folder name to rule out that the spaces are the problem. No change.
GPT tells me this super basic query should be correct, and the docs for the plugin seem to suggest the same.

Can you share the dataview query in a code block (using triple backticks) here?

like this

Hi Feral. Yes indeed:

FROM "Diverse"

Is one of the folders I have tested this with

That’s not the whole query, though. Can you add the rest?

Here is how it looks currently.

I have tried to do it with a “full” query, but thought based on the instruction that it should be just this short part(?)

Oh, I see. I missed that you were working with the database folder plugin.

Normal dumb double quotes enclosing foldername should work in DB Folder.
So (not to carry on walking the dumb trail) is it possible that either there is no Diverse folder or that the dumb quotes were not properly typed?

I’m not sure how the quotes could be wrongly typed, but I’ve typed them many times, so that’s probably not the issue.

The folder exists, and I’ve tried others too.

Other suggestions much welcome, this feels too simple to be stuck at…

Why does it say Listed? earlier on in the query? That doesn’t look right…

Changed the query to try several different folders (just to rule that part out).
Sorry if that was unclear in the above.