Simple tally up/down?

What I’m trying to do

Enable some kind of +/- ticking up and down of a specified value in a specific place, on a list preferably

When trying to keep track of the number of a specific item I have, of course I can just type the value, but if I had a button it’d be a lot nicer tbh. So for example, I’d like to accompilsh something like this

  • Oranges 20 (+/- button)

Where I could both manually input the number and also tick up and down the amount of things I have.

Things I have tried

I can’t seem to find something tat isn’t a crazy automated template of some sort. I don’t want it to be tied to any existing data or automatically populate - I want to manually tick it up/down

I suspect that dataview or the button plugin could be used, but I’m just not sure how.

You could look in the post below for some inspiration…