Simple newbie format questions

  1. There’s lots of blank space in my notes. How can I change the line spacing and the margins?

  2. Is there a simple way to import figures, jpegs etc.? I am used to iNotepad (no longer supported, so I was hoping Obsidian would be a good alternative) where you can copy or drag and drop pretty much anything into a note.

  1. Settings > Editor -> Readable Line Length -> OFF. See how that looks.

  2. You can drag images into your notes. They will be ![[embedded.jpg]], displayed, and copied into your vault. Have a look in Settings > Files & Links -> Default location for new attachments to set where they go when you drag them in.

Also, have a good look over:

Thanks very much. There does not seem to be a way to change the line spacing and importing graphics does not do what I want. Much appreciated, but I think I will have to keep looking for an alternative notes app

Line spacing can be changed by a CSS snippet, or by using a community theme (some of which may also allow you to change it by using the Style Settings plugin).

What do you want?

Thanks. Just to be able to drag and drop or copy and paste a graphic (such as a screenshot) into a body of text. When I copy iNotepad notes into Obsidian, the graphics just disappear.

Can you describe more clearly what you’re doing, and what happens when you do it?

You should be able to drag and drop images from your system file browser (Finder, Windows Explorer, etc). From other apps, especially no longer supported ones, I don’t know.

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