Simple macros?

Does Obsidian support macros like Latex? For example, I want a simple macro that represents a relationship between two keyword terms. In Latex syntax I would do:

\newcommand{\relation}[3]{[[#1]] (#2) [[#3]]}

So the input

\relation{dog}{is a type of}{mammal}

should render as:

[[dog]] (is a type of) [[mammal]]

Is there a way to do something similar in Obsidian?

You could look into the community plugins. Browsing through them, I’m sure you will find a number of them that may help you. For example, Templater and QuickAdd have some pretty powerful functionality when you dig in.

Good luck!

The long and short of it is there are two methods. One watches the keystrokes. the other watches files. I think in your case the keystroke approach may work well enough. I use Espanso to achieve similar results to do things such as autofill dates but you can go way further than that as well.

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