Simple journal template (w/ Folder Notes and Templater)


Template, markdown, and other files intended for use with Obsidian.



I organize my notebook like so:

  • Notebook
    • Top Level Section
      • Subsection
        • etc.
    • Top Level Section
      • Subsection
        • etc.

I want breadcrumbs to:

  • only show the “Notebook” breadcrumb on the “Top Level Section” pages
  • if viewing the folder note, do not show the current folder in the breadcrumbs

You can see the desired result in these files:

Month Templates

I create calendars for each month, with each day being a link to that journal’s day. I have included the LibreOffice Calc file I use to generate the markdown calendar:

I have also included an example journal file:


If you have any questions about how to implement it, what my settings are, etc., please let me know, and I will attempt to be helpful.

Simple but practical!

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Thank you. I am making some small changes to make the linking more robust, and I also need to better enumerate the settings I use in order for it to work as expected. Once I am pretty sure it works as I intend, I will sync the (slightly) improved version to git and announce it here.

I modified the breadcrumbs to point at the parent file paths. I often use the same sub-folders (“People”, “Places”, “Things”, etc.) under a main parent folder. This makes sure that the links point to the correct folder.

I have modified the links to use markdown syntax, and quashed a couple of bugs.

I was premature in posting that. I still need to dig through a bunch of links and update them. I also need to reverse engineer that, once it’s working, so that I can use a spreadsheet in future years to quickly generate the monthly calendars.

The problem that I ran into which initiated this is that Obsidian does not currently handle the creation of new files from relative (broken) links. I get errors like “file names can’t end in a period” and “that folder already exists”. So I need to convert all of the relative paths to absolute paths, at least until the underlying bug(s) are fixed.

See also: Obsidian has trouble creating new notes from "Relative path to file" links - #21 by mzee