Simple College Studying Workflow?

Simple Studying

Hello, I am an animation student and have been researching Obsidian in my off time and using it for most class notes for about four weeks.
Unfortunately I’m realizing I don’t have a solid way to study besides reviewing notes. I don’t understand the how having small notes for individual topics helps me remember better. Obsidian is supposed to work like a second brain, but I don’t see enough talk about recalling information.

Current Process:

  1. Have 4 major notes, one for each class. Kind of a meta note.

  2. Take a big long note for a particular class lecture / PowerPoint. Link it to the meta note for that class so I can find it later.

  3. Make smaller notes linked to the lecture note. These are for specific topics, like terms and definitions, project directions, time periods (for history classes), animation studios, important figures.

I consider going through my lecture note afterwards and organizing the information a part of studying, by keeping the info fresh. But I don’t know if it’s forcing me to recall.

Solutions I’ve looked at

I have seen many suggestions on the forum for linking external apps or code for flash cards. I want to keep my process as simple as possible because learning new softwares again and again is time consuming and overwhelming for me, and won’t stick.

I have read about Zettlecasten and PARA but it’s been a little while.

What I’m trying to do

  1. Streamline and improve my studying workflow. Making the notes in a way that’s easy to study later, and then a way to find/recall them easily. I think I have somewhat of a system but I’m looking for feedback

  2. Not use external apps unless unless it’s a. simple and b. necessary.

Thank you for your help

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