Sidebar malfunction

For about the past two weeks, significantly over half the time when I open Obsidian’s left sidebar, all of my folders and files are missing; I just get a blank gray panel. My files are all still there–I can find them via the Quick Switcher. They just aren’t displaying in the sidebar. And when the sidebar panel comes back, occasionally, it seems frozen in time: if I delete a note, it doesn’t disappear from the display; and I can’t seem to move notes or create new folders. I have tried everything that I can think of. It’s not related to a plugin, because this happens even in safe mode. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing the problem, or what the fix might be?

After you enabled Restricted mode, did you restart Obsidian? Some plugins aren’t fully unloaded until a full close and open of the vault.

Are you running Bartender, Custom File Sort, or anything that changes the Files tab? I’ve heard mention multiple times that those two plugins are causing issues at the moment. Just something to double check.

Thank you, and good thought: I had not restarted after enabling Restricted Mode. As soon as I did, the folders came back. However, I’ve now turned my plugins back on, and the folders seem normal now–so I can’t tell if the restart definitively shows it was a plugins problem or independently solved the problem (however temporarily). I’ll update if the problem comes back.

For what it’s worth, I think it was the custom file sorting plug-in. I disabled it, uninstalled, and reinstalled with an update. The original problem has disappeared but I cannot get the plug-in to work the way it did before and so sadly I’ve just turned it off for now.