Sidebar layout change in v1.6 - possible to change?

With the latest update v1.6 the left sidebar has changed, this is the note from the changelog: “Updated the left sidebar layout. Vault switcher is now shown at the bottom.”

I’m using a small laptop and screen estate is limited. I rarely use the vault switcher so would prefer to not have this added bar at the bottom of the left sidebar.

I couldn’t find any option to move it back. Does anyone know here I how can remove the bottom bar and switch its icons back to the left where they were previously?

There’s a plugin that brings back the legacy setting position: GitHub - Quorafind/Obsidian-Legacy-Vault-Switcher

Alternatively, discord user HiroMike shared this solution / workaround:

I use Commander to give me an icon, and CSS to stretch the ribbon and push that settings icon to the bottom.

For those who would like to duplicate this - here is my code. Add the icons back via Commander, and put them as the last three icons using the Obsidian Appearance > Ribbon menu configuration.

/* Add margin-top auto to the third from last child to push them to the bottom */
body:not(.is-mobile) .side-dock-actions .clickable-icon:nth-last-child(3) {
    margin-top: auto;

/* Remove the new bar */
body:not(.is-mobile) .workspace-split.mod-left-split .workspace-sidedock-vault-profile {
  display: none;

Source: Discord

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