Sidebar content gone on iOS

What I’m trying to do

Since some days ago the contents of the sidebar is gone. It’s an iCloud vault, and it’s gone on both my iPhone and iPad.

Other vaults work, it’s just this one.

Things I have tried

Restart Obsidian.
Restart iOS.

iOS: 17.0
Obsidian: 1.4.8

Assuming you have a mac as well, with the Finder go into /iCloud Drive/Obsidian/Notes/.obsidian/ and move or rename the workspace-mobile.json file.

This will reset the workspace for that vault on mobile only, and the sidebars should be back to the default once iCloud syncs and you restart Obsidian on iOS/iPadOS.

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Thanks, I’ve tried you suggestion. I also modified a note to verify that iCloud actually synced. But it doesn’t work. Obsidian Mobile seems to recreate the file.

Okay, that’s strange. Removing that file has always reset the mobile workspace when the Sidebars got jammed up for me. Hm. :ghost:

Maybe a plugin or theme? Have you tried using the default theme and in Restricted mode (with a restart) yet? Other troubleshooting steps to try are here.

Yes, of course, good point.

I had the Homepage plugin installed. I don’t think its that plugin per se, but it was loading a workspace that wasn’t compatible with mobile.
(No idea why it wasn’t compatible, but that’s another question)

Thanks for the help!

Glad you found the cause. cc: CawlinTeffid

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