Side pane graph view stopped opening notes in main pane

I keep my graph view pinned in my right side pane. Up until this week, when I clicked a node the corresponding note would open in the main pane. This was very convenient for switching quickly between notes and my Kanban board and I used the process very regularly. This week, when I click on a node, the corresponding note opens in the side pane, replacing my pinned graph view.

Steps to reproduce

Open Graph View
Move Graph View to right side pane
Click Node

Expected result

Note Corresponding to the clicked node opens in main pane (this was the previous behavior)

Actual result

Note corresponding to the clicked node opens in the side pane and replaces the graph view pinned there.


  • Obsidian Version:
  • Operating system:
    Attempted on windows 10 and Windows 11
  • Debug info:
    Login Status: tried both logged in and not logged in
    Theme: dark
    Community Themes: none
    Safe Mode: on
    Snippets: none


I’m having the same problem as you, I was thinking I’ve changed some configuration. This is driving me nuts because I use graph view a lot.


I’ve added a screen capture of the problem.



Thanks for adding the screen capture!
I agree, driving me nuts!



We will look into this.
You can still use middle click or ctrl-click.

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Thank you!
Yes, ctrl-click is fine for now as a work around, but I don’t always want to be opening new panes so a fix to this would be great!

hey, its not just the graph view… if you open a new mind map or right click an svg diagram it also opens in the side panel where the file explorer is. it seems the side panel is being treated as any other page on the backend… at the moment it is impossible to work with diagrams unless you are willing to erase the file explorer, move your page to the main window, and then recreate a new file explorer tab each time.

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hey, there is another workaround - right click the graph view when it is open in the panel and click “pin” - that should work. unfortunately this doesn’t solve the base problem, which is that pages are opening in the side panels when they shouldn’t…


This is an indented change. Yes you can control click and you can pin. You can also pin notes.

cool. it’s an interesting idea. is there a way to use diagrams and mind maps with this though? something akin to “pinning” the file explorer

The Pane Relief plugin offers a “focus lock” feature that stops sidebar panes from becoming active, thus effectively pinning them and restoring the old behavior. There’s a little lock in the status bar you can click to toggle it on or off, as well as keyboard commands, since there are times you’ll probably want to be able to do things in a sidebar.

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