Shrink pinned tabs plugin

This plugin enables you to shrink pinned tabs in Obsidian UI. You can also show or hide the tab title in the plugin settings.

This plugin is inspired by a snippet from woofy31 on Obsidian’s forum.

How does it look?

Default display in Obsidian

Shrinked tabs

Shrinked tabs with no title


Thank you for putting my snippet into a plugin for all the plugin lovers out there, really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

As an idea, you could also put in additional settings, like letting the user decide the shrunk tab width in pixels (some of us use various icons in titles, which can lead to undesired appearance, others want to use very small shrunk tab widths)


Nice idea. I will add it soon.

@woofy31 I added the setting in the last release.

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