Showing direction in the links between notes?

I am trying to create links between notes that contain information about the relationship. Meaning, which note is dependent on the other. Functionally, not technically.

Simple example: I create a “Health” note.
I create a “Diet” note. I include the link of each note in the other. I want to say that Health is dependent on Diet. I want may be an arrow going from diet to health in the graph, or something like that. Is that possible?

See below screenshot as a possible way to do this:

Yep! You can do this. In the graph settings, you can enable arrows.

(The little gear icon in the top left of the graph.)


You said “not technically”, and I’m not sure what that meant. If you mean you want to define the relationship based on concept, not on link, then you might be interested in this feature request: Add support for link types

hI @rigmarole this is so cool. Thank you so much! I am wondering though do I have control on the arrow? I understand that if I show link in both notes, the arrow would be bidirectional. What if I do want to have links in both notes, but I want one to be a child of the other so that the arrow is single direction?

The graph is bi-directional. There is no child/parent or DAG relationship. If you have links going to each other in both notes, you can’t control that, except by removing one of the links. There is no way to manually overwrite that behaviour. (Unless there is some plugin I’m unaware of.)

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You can try the plugin Juggl. It allows you to tweak more things than what Obsidian offers. Here is my graph:

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Two or three ideas that aren’t specifically about “graph-view,” but are about your larger question (showing the direction or relationship between notes or between chunks of content):

One way to do this without Graph View is by writing your links in your notes in a “breadcrumb” manner.

For example, in a note called Parent Note, you could write something like:

Parent Note > [[Child Note]]

and in the note called Child Note you could write something like

[[Parent Note]] < Child Note

In this way the relationship is obvious.

A couple of other options come to mind, but related to content within a note:


Hi @Ooker thank you! I was looking at Juggl. It is more than what I need. I just need arrows. I don’t mind the extra stuff, if arrows can be shown too. Does it allow an arrow to be drawn?

Yes, absolutely. You can see the types of arrows it supports here Edge arrow types demo

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