Showing backlinks to non-markdown files

Hi all,

I’m trying to utilize backlinks more in my obsidian vault, and my workflow includes a lot of different file types (ranging from code files to binary files). I can include them in the vault and even link to them, but I’m having trouble determining the backlinks, i.e. what notes link to these files.

Things I have tried

After enabling “Detect all file extensions”, I can click on a file that Obsidian does not recognize (non-markdown files), but it only opens the file in “default app” (without showing backlinks)

What I’m trying to do

I would like to see what other markdown files link to any file. I have a lot of data files that are not markdown files that I reference a lot in my notes. It would be great to be able to go backward as well, i.e. showing what notes link to a given data file.

Thanks for your help!

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This is a great request, however we need to keep in mind how difficult this might be to achieve for the developers.

I personally have a big need to be able to interact with .org files since I take a lot of notes in org-mode.

Perhaps try to list the specific types of files that you think would be a top priority for you.

Obsidian a notes program

I also use a lot of different type files, but it’s important to keep in mind that Obsidian is a note-taker rather than a full text editor.

Obsidian is significantly different from apps like to VSCode, Sublime, Emacs etc. Right now it’s pretty much a powerful markdown editor.

Extending file support for the purpose of note-taking / PKM

Like I said I still see the value in this request, but I would like it to other notetaking file types, since that is within the sphere of what Obsidian is.

With that said I’d be the happiest person if Obsidian fully supported .org files for org-mode, but I might have to do a separate feature request for that.

Isn’t there an org mode plugin now? (not sure whether that does what you need)

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There is an org-mode community plugin, super grateful to the developer, but I’m sure he has to face a lot of the current Obsidian limitations.

For instance it’s not possible to create [[links]] from an org-mode file to other .md files (nor from .md to .org which is similar to what the OP is saying in this request which I highly support.

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Thanks for explaining, I got it now.

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