Showing a https image with ![]() using a custom YAML field

Things I have tried

I have tried using different ways of inputting it into the YAML:

What I’m trying to do

I have a metadata field in a note like this:


What I’m trying to do is show a picture from a https link using an address to the picture inserted in my YAML front-matter under a field called ‘https-link’.

LinkedIn photo

Using the https actual string in the above block

(LinkedIn photo

works perfectly for showing the image. But referencing the metadata field results in nothing showing.

Referencing in each way?
You have a frontmatter field and want to “call it” in each way? via dataview?

This works in my sandbox:


`="![Sheepsbreath](" + + ")"`

Some Van Gogh in the background? Nice.

I’m trying to reference the text of the specific metadatafield to be used in the Https Image calling function ( ). The solution @eightning gave seems to work though. Thanks for the help!

Perfect! Thanks for the solution. Already thinking of where I can implement this code in other circumstances. Also going to go read up on what the “=” actually means here.

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calling function via what? that is the missing point in your post.

In dataview syntax, “=” means DQL inline queries (but you can change the prefix).
You really need to read the dataview docs! There’s no workaround.
With the inline query provided by @eightning you can also control the size of the image:

`= "![image|150](" + this.https-link + ")"`

Ah. The text between the ( ) didnt show up. Here is the screenshot of the edit version of the post:

I’ll start reading through the documentation @mnvwvnm. Thanks for all the help.

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