Show whitespace in editor

I created some custom CSS to display whitespace in the editor as it’s something I find quite useful in VSCode to see where I’ve added extra trailing spaces unnecessarily, or where I’m using tabs instead of spaces, etc:
VSCode image

However, at the moment I can’t seem to target leading spaces or multiple spaces in the middle of a line, and I would love to see this as a built-in option, rather than a CSS hack.


Hey there!

Stumbled upon this, while searching for color indention of whitespace - pretty similar to the VSCode snippet you attached. I would love to use that feature in Obsidian. Have you ever thought about adding this to you whitespace plugin?

I would love to have this feature in Obsidian editor too :+1:

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What about his plugin
Its from the author here itself lol

This would be awesome, but I’m not sure how to achieve it, currently.
I’m sure it’s not impossible, just tricky…

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Hmm okay. Let’s keep this in mind for a later date!
Thanks anyway :slight_smile: