Show Up Properties in Reading Mode

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What I’m trying to do

May I know why properties that I have created two notes in a vault, and one of the note that there is appeared properties in reading mode, but another one notes that there isn’t appeared properties in reading mode, I have set internal link in properties, I want to makes it shows in reading mode to click the link to create the note as new note to write it.

May I know was I any wrong did for the properties to caused it didn’t showed up in reading mode?

Can I know what error causes this problem to occur? or this is not a problem, just need to set it?

Things I have tried

I have tried to found any settings about the properties features in the settings of Obsidian, and found that there was only one settings of properties in Core Plugins of Obsidian settings, but I have enabled it.

Thank you

Could you show us the text used in those two notes? It’s kind of hard to understand what’s happening without seeing the text.

The first and second screenshots are same notes that different is reading and editing mode.

The third screenshot is another notes that didn’t showed up properties in reading mode.

Am I wrong written the metadata?

There is a feature of Obsidian in current versions that if any of the property values are invalid, the entire property section is rendered invalid. In your case this pertains to (at least) the “Boon” and “Annice” links parts:

- "[[Boon From TKB| Boon]]" (Site Work)
- "[[Annice from TKB| Annice]]" (Invoice Payment) (Downpayment)

These two cripple the entire property section, as Obsidian doesn’t seem to like the combination of a link and other text. You could, but it do have a different meaning, do something like: “[[Boon From TKB| Boon]] (Site Work)”, but then you loose out the backlink ability of a property links as it’s now reduced to a text which happens to have a link inside.

I think I would reduce those properties to just the link, and have the other information within the note of those persons.

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