Show the name of the workspace that will be overwritten with "Save and load another workspace"

Use case or problem


  • I have a “Start here” workspace, open it for a new work session, do some work and have various panes/files open.
  • Now I want to change tasks/contexts and stash the current workspace for later.
  • If it’s been awhile I may not remember if I already saved the workspace as something or I started from the “Start here” workspace.
  • If I assume incorrectly and go “Save and load another workspace” it would replace my “Start here” workspace with some random work session.
  • If I forget that I previously saved this workspace, if I save a new one I’ll have a redundant workspace saved that is stagnant

Proposed solution

Show the name of the currently activated workspace somewhere. Possibilities:

  • ribbon
  • bottom bar (e.g. next to backlinks, word count)
  • in the “Manage workspaces” popup
  • a reminder of the workspace that will be overwritten in the “Save and load another workspace” command.

Current workaround (optional)

Workaround could be to always save a new workspace immediately after opening a new context from the “Start here” workspace. But it doesn’t remind you the name of the workspace you might want to restore later.

Related feature requests (optional)