Show suggestions when typing in markdown links [any text](caret¦)

Use case or problem

I use markdown-style links.
I select “text”, press hotkey to “Insert link” (default Ctrl+K) which encloses text to [text]() and places caret between round brackets (paretheses).
After pressing the hotkey, typing does not show any autocomplete/suggestions.

Proposed solution

Show suggestions when typing between round brackets matching pattern of markdown styled link [any text](¦), just like suggestions are shown for wiki-style links.

Even if you use markdown links you can use [[ ]]autocomplete and it will turn into a []().

Autocomplete for the style []() is not that meaningful beacause you can enter an external link.

@WhiteNoise Thank you for reply,
I know of [[]] conversion to and I use it where possible.
The issue is when I already have link formulated as markdown.

  • links formulated without link target with intention to add it later.
  • broken links, e.g. due to incorrect encoding of invalid characters, due to renaming or relocating the link target, …
  • These links can come from other applications or from time before existence of Obsidian so there is no way to avoid them.

With wiki-links there is also the following issue with using link target different from selected text (to be used as link display text).

Suggestions in markdown-styled links would solve that issue, at least for those who are OK with markdown style links, including me.

We can specify nonexistent target also for wiki-links.
Meaningfulness of showing suggestions is the same for wiki and markdown links.
Aside, external links now still require scheme, e.g. file:/// which practically disables suggestions.