Show suggestions when typing in markdown links [any text](caret¦)

Use case or problem

I use markdown-style links.
I select “text”, press hotkey to “Insert link” (default Ctrl+K) which encloses text to [text]() and places caret between round brackets (paretheses).
After pressing the hotkey, typing does not show any autocomplete/suggestions.

Proposed solution

Show suggestions when typing between round brackets matching pattern of markdown styled link [any text](¦), just like suggestions are shown for wiki-style links.


Even if you use markdown links you can use [[ ]]autocomplete and it will turn into a []().

Autocomplete for the style []() is not that meaningful beacause you can enter an external link.

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@WhiteNoise Thank you for reply,
I know of [[]] conversion to and I use it where possible.
The issue is when I already have link formulated as markdown.

  • links formulated without link target with intention to add it later.
  • broken links, e.g. due to incorrect encoding of invalid characters, due to renaming or relocating the link target, …
  • These links can come from other applications or from time before existence of Obsidian so there is no way to avoid them.

With wiki-links there is also the following issue with using link target different from selected text (to be used as link display text).

Suggestions in markdown-styled links would solve that issue, at least for those who are OK with markdown style links, including me.

We can specify nonexistent target also for wiki-links.
Meaningfulness of showing suggestions is the same for wiki and markdown links.
Aside, external links now still require scheme, e.g. file:/// which practically disables suggestions.

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I support this. +1

Personally I think it is significant. If wikilinks have it, why Markdown Links don’t?

I find Markdown Links more friendly when you want to link to aliases. I mean:

  • It’s much better to [blood stasis](Stasis) by referencing that “blood stasis” is described is the file “Stasis”.
  • Unlike, [[Stasis|blood stasis]] is confusing.

I mean, first let me write the sentence, then I’ll tell you where I talk about it in depth (filename).

This is achieved with Markdown Links but you need it to show you the suggestions.

I also support this. I work in software development and both PyCharm and VSCode have this feature. I love Obsidian but I also miss this feature. For now I open the md file with one of those IDE but it creates stupid hidden folders and I prefer to avoid it.

This would make creating internal links between files and in the same file so much easier. It’s great for thinks like creating indexes at the top of a big file. I use it mostly when building big documentation files for a package so users/readers can jump to specific parts of the file.