Show siblings besides backlinks

We have the backlinks pane, which is cool. I suggest to take it one step further (as seen in

The same represented in Obsidian:

So to as text: when I am editing “This page links to docker and tag” I’d like to have additional links: "Also links to tag" and "Also links to other-tag"

I would also like to have similar functionality in the Local graph view when editing the note titled “This page links to docker and tag”.


If I understand correctly, this is talking about showing “links to links”. As it happens, and at the risk of promoting my own reply (disclaimer!) this could help with the way I have experimented with linking “alias” definitions together:

I’d rather say it is a collection of links, which are also links to the same pages.
In the example you see the page I am editing links to “tag”, and I will have an “also links to tag” section with “I am linked to tag”.

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Please correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t the “local graph” already do this? … And allows you to set the “link depth”?

Yes, the local graph indeed does this. But for other rookies: if you toggle neighbor links, it won’t show you anything, when the depth slider is at value 1.

But the original request was about the links section at the bottom.


For inspiration, see “Outline view” in TheBrain, which is nice blend between folding outliner and local graph.
Presented e.g. in second half of this video: