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I’m trying to search through my notes in obsidian, and since my notes have a hierarchy, I’m not getting the path in the search results, only the MD name (which is index for all use-cases as shown below):


It’s hard to get anything useful out of this. I can click on copy search results and then use “Show path” to get the actual paths, but I would like that to be displayed in the search results automatically.

Is there a way to do this somehow?


A bit of a hacky solution - hopefully someone else will have a better suggestion! If I add path:/ (without backticks) to the end of my query it seems to show me the path instead of the note title, but not actually exclude any paths.

Does this work for you?

Hi, thank you for the answer, but that doesn’t work. Here is the screenshot, which shows only the markdown file is displayed, but not path:


Huh! Our explanation fields match exactly, but I am seeing different behavior with my filenames. Actually, now I cannot reproduce what I had before, sorry! test path:/.*\.md/ is currently working though I am a little confused by all the highlighting. Does that work in your vault? If not, my apologies for the bad suggestions!

Yes this works, even path:/./ test works fine. Is there anyway to make the path:/./ default (without typing it every time)?

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Hurrah, and thanks for the simplified version!
I do not think the built-in Search has much configuration. Maybe there is a community-plugin for Search queries which would add this? I could also imagine using a template insert to insert an embedded query block that already contains the path modifier, but no idea how to do the same in the search pane. Good luck!

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