Show Path (Or *SOME*) Link Title/Path When Transcluding/Embedding Blocks

Use case or problem

Consider the following note:

## Full Embed: Path Available


## Embed/Transclude Block: Link Path Missing

![[Embedded-Note-Filepath#This is a Heading]]

while results in:

In the first case, the embed path is visible. In the second the path is not.

It would be good to have at least some information available for block transcludes/embeds. Right now, even on hover there is no information available, and showing/hiding the CSS selector .embed-title has no effect.

Without this information, the only way to figure out what the file behind the transclude is to click the link and go to the file. This can be very disuptive.

Proposed solution

The link info is exposed as the embed title for block embeds.

Current workaround (optional)

None to provide the information in-situ,