Show or pin specific content(or favorite page) md file in the files panel like remnote or logseq instead of showing all the md files

I would like to build a personal knowledge base to collect concepts that I encounter in my work and life. But I don’t want to think about which folder the item should belong to when I create them. And once I create a lot of new entries, the file navigation bar shows all the entries, which makes me feel confused. I just want to show a specific content page in the file navigation bar, like remnote and logseq, does anyone know how to do the above in obsidian?

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This sounds like you want the starred file panes.

From the file explorer you can right click and select star. Then these files will show up in the star pane. I use this not for a lot of files, but maybe 4-7 different entry points into my vault.

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thanks, by enable starred plugin in core plugins.

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