Show Multiple Notes One Page, or, Notion-style Data Overview!

Hey team!

I know some of you may read this and go, ‘DUH!’, but for those who, like me, are more on the noob-ier end of Obsidian’s awesomeness, I wanted to share this!

One of the only features I really loved about Notion is the ability to bring in tons of data from around your system to one place and look at it all at once in the same document.

While messing around with adding some images into a note, I accidentally added the ! to the front of a note name, not an image name.

So, messing around with it a bit more and using headers, I brought in several notes related to a topic, and VOILA - I can look at all of them on the same page!

For those of us utilizing MOCs, this is another option of looking at our data. If we add the ! to the front of specific notes, we can look at the notes directly in the MOC before we make changes to it.

Granted, if you want to make the changes, you have to go into the note itself, but with Obsidian’s amazing multiple window feature, you can make the changes in the source note and watch it change in the MOC.

A couple of things:
Make sure you have the following Settings toggled on:

Options → Editor → Smart indent lists
Options → Editor → Fold heading
Options → Editor → Fold indent

Here’s a picture of what it looks like! For me, this is perfect, as this particular page I’m working on is more of a personal review spot.

I hope this helps!


This feature is called transclusion. I use it a lot, though I don’t have your options 2 and 3 enabled.

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Ah! Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile: Now that you say that, I have definitely stumbled across that word at some point in the delving of Obsidian.

I forgot an important point for options 2/3 - I have those toggled on so you can toggle open and close the transcluded (see what I did there?!) files for whenever you need them or not.