Show matching tags when inserting tags into frontmatter

It seems we now have two ways to assign tags to notes:

  1. Traditional way of inserting tags anywhere in the note - using this way reveals matching alternative tags as you type - fast way to see multiple tags to choose from and save time
  2. Inserting tags in frontmatter - using this way, matching tags do not show as you type - no fast way to select a tag while typing

Is it possible to make matching alternative tags appear as quick selection options when tags are inserted in frontmatter?


I am somewhat confused by this “tag as metadata / in frontmatter” context: Are frontmatter tags any different than normal tags mentioned within the content?..

I think they are: Unless I insert the tag inside the note content, the normal search for that tag does not show up in the search results.

Am I missing something?

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When I use the syntax for tags in the frontmatter that goes without a hash character, like

tags: one, two, three

then I do not get auto completion for the tags when typing them.

Autocompletion only happens when I enter a hash symbol.

It would make creating frontmatter sections much easier and avoid creating duplicate, similar tags, if Obsidian would regognize that it is in the tag section and offer auto completion for tags here.


A second vote for type-ahead in metadata for tags. My current workflow is,

  1. type the opening bracket for an array ( [ )
  2. type a space so that the type ahead will work.
  3. type # to trigger the tag type-ahead.
  4. finish typing tags.
  5. delete the #s so that the YAML is valid.

Came here looking for the same thing. I kludged some bash scripts together to strip the #s so I can enter them using autocomplete but this is slow and clunky. Hope this one gets some attention.

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