Show labels on note titles

Use case or problem

I would like to be able to assign labels to notes and show them in the list of notes contained in the vault. The tags are not shown.

Proposed solution

I would like to have added Label among the note metadata to which I can assign a text and/or icon and color and show it in the vault note tree list (the one that in the default view is the left column) next to the file name. This would help find the most important notes.

Current workaround (optional)

Now I use emoji but,
if I want them to the left of the file name these are considered in alphabetical order and it puts the notes at the top, which might be intended but I would like it not to be part of the file name
some emoji are converted to black and white, losing visibility (:warning:) and I am afraid some may get separated (in other programs it has happened to me) into two or more unprintable emoji or symbols

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Some possible workarounds:

  • emoji at end of filename instead of beginning
  • bookmarks
    • as a separate view of important stuff and/or
    • highlighted in file browser by the Prominent Bookmarked Files plugin
  • File Color plugin
  • File Indicators plugin
  • Front Matter Title plugin or File Explorer Markdown Titles plugin to display alternate filenames (not sure how/if either affects sorting)
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Thank you, fairly good solution. File Color and File Indicators are good

Glad it helped! If you’d like to still keep the feature request open you may want to un-mark the solution, because marking it causes comments to close 7 days after the last one.