Show javascript console from Android phone

Things I have tried

So I had some issues with some queries of mine, and I tried getting to show the javascript console from my Android phone, and I found this thread: Getting my plugin working on mobile devices - #2 by joethei

So I did the following:

  • Installed ADB on my mac
  • Started the ADB daemon
  • Connected my phone to my mac
  • Run ./adb devices, and saw my device
  • Started chrome://inspect in Opera (a chrome compliant browser)
  • Allowed my mac to be connected using the USB
  • Triggered some scripts which I new was going to generate console log output, but couldn’t find it anywhere
  • Tried doing ./adb logcat *:W in a terminal window
  • Issued some other test scripts which had console.err and console.warn calls (which showed up nicely in the console on my Mac)
  • Couldn’t find the output…

Another guide

I’ve also tried to follow: Remote debug Android devices - Chrome Developers

And I fail to see any “chrome windows” appearing in my inspect screen, I’m only seeing my phone’s model number, which is not similar to Figure 2 in the link above.


Doesn’t Obsidian allow for remote debugging?

What I’m trying to do

I’m wanting to view the console output from my Android phone within either a web browser window, or in a terminal, using either ADB or other tools.

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