Show Destination of Internal Link With Altered Display Text

What I’m trying to do

In reading mode, hovering over an internal link which uses a vertial bar to change the link display text, shows a nice pop-up with the page name of the destination.

Is there a way to make this happen in edit mode? Perhaps with CSS?

Things I have tried

Page Preview should work in all viewing modes (Source mode, Live Preview and Reading view).

CleanShot 2024-02-25 at 11.37.40

I checked markdown links as well:

Maybe a plugin is interfering in some way? I’d try the troubleshooting steps to rule out a plugin or theme issue.

Ah! Do you mean this?

Screenshot 2024-02-25 at 12.00.35

I initially hovered quickly in Reading view and didn’t notice it pop up.

Thank you. That is precisely what I meant. The text showing just the name of the destination page. It pops up when Reading View is enabled, but not otherwise.

I often find myself asking, “What is the real page this link points to?” I hope to answer the question without navigating to that page and then navigating back.

It’s here in the elements DOM for Reading view (the aria-label=... bit on the right):

I didn’t see anything like that in the editor, so there’s really nothing to display or “unhide”.

There’s a CSS trick using content: 'attr(alt)' to display the attribute text for something, but the attribute text (in this case everything after the | within the link) is used already.

Someone may have a clever solution, but I think a plugin will be needed for this.

For me, hitting the Ctrl key while hovering an internal link in editing view will show the preview of the target page.