Show days/time before project/task deadline from now

I would like to have a table with all my projects showing how many days remain before each project must be completed.
I have a YAML variable called “deadline” where I put the date when the project must be completed (like: “deadline: 2021-09-30”). How can I create a Dataview table with a “remaining days till completion from now” column? Any help is appreciated!

I’m not sure, but something like this:

TABLE dateformat(deadline, "yyyy.MM.dd") AS Deadline, (deadline - date(today)) as "Remaining days"
WHERE deadline
SORT (deadline - date(today)) ASC

For “Remaining days” the results shows days, months, years. I don’t know how to convert them to days only.

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Thank you, this helped me a lot!

Like you, I also didn’t find a way to convert the date format to days only.

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