Shouldn't the Slideshow feature use four hyphens `----` instead of three `---` as a slide break?

(Sidebar: The subject/title is trying to help by changing --- into —- for some reason. Sorry)

I almost always have yaml frontmatter fenced with --- at the top of a document that ends up into an Obsidian vault. And some of my tooling (Drafts for macOS and iOS/iPadOS) gets confused if there are other places where --- shows up in the document and i always use ---- for horizontal rule and that seems like a more logical way to break up a document in Obsidian for presentations, doesn’t it?

Is this something I should file as an ER? My website has been published via jekyll for years and I have to say going back and changing everything I’ve ever written to have --- appearing anywhere that isn’t fenced code or the head of document will probably just mean I never use Obsidian for presentations which I can live with, but when I played with it a bit I could see it being useful in many circumstances and certainly easier to work with than loading up PowerPoint or Keynote.


or 3 underscores ___

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Yes, your request is apt

I believe, the slideshow feature is the most ignored feature in Obsidian. I have a story about it, but l don’t want to make any one feel bad about it, by recalling it here.