Should themes significantly slow down note switching?

I have been dabbling in Obsidian and was surprised at how slow note switching seemed to be recently — significant perceptible lag when opening different notes from the sidebar, quick-open interface, or links, even with a database of just a dozen notes.

I realized this is true when any of the 3rd party themes I’ve tried are active, but completely goes away when I revert to the default theme.

It’s true with or without live preview (though live preview may be slightly worse).

Am I alone in this? I’m surprised at how much less responsive things feel with any themes active.

I haven’t noticed that at all. Maybe it depends on the theme.

The default theme is also a theme. But I think the CSS is stored in a different place in the app data folder, rather than the vault. (Not at a computer to verify that.)

So maybe it is a disk access issue. Or maybe some kind of graphics card issue? Not sure what to suggest.

I wonder, do the developer tools have any kind of profiling/timing tools? I’ll check back when I’m at my computer. Maybe you can isolate what is taking the time.

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