Should I use tags? I'm looking for a custom queryable structure?

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What I’m trying to do

I’m still learning how to use Obsidian for my personal knowledge management at work. I’m a few months into it.

I’m using the Daily note to record general notes from the day, but information tends to die in these files. Sometimes I make a new file for more meaningful meetings or topics.

In notes of any sort, I get information related to projects and employees. I’d like to be able to have a structure that is somewhat like tasks so that I can query for details related to an employee or a project. So I could have a file for Project A and query for records related to A. Or a file for Elmer Fudd, my employee, would have a query for records with feedback regarding Elmer.

So, something that works like tasks, but is not a thing that needs to be done. Is there a solution for this?

Things I have tried

I searched for articles related to Task, Query, and Tags.

Is your question:

How can I organize my notes in Obsidian to easily retrieve information about specific projects or employees, using a system that allows for querying details like tasks, but for informational purposes instead of actionable tasks?

If yes, then:

To organize and retrieve information about specific projects or employees, the most simple and flexible option is to combine tags, links, and the Dataview plugin.

  1. Use Tags for Categorization: Assign tags to your notes to categorize them by project or employee. For example, use #ProjectA for all notes related to Project A and #ElmerFudd for notes about Elmer Fudd. Tags may be easy to recall and search for.

  2. Links for Connectivity: Create a dedicated note for each project or employee. Within these notes, check graph view to find the links to other relevant notes for a Birds Eye view. For Project A’s note, link all meetings, decisions, and ideas related to it. This creates a centralized hub for each.

  3. Leverage the Dataview Plugin: Dataview allows you to query your notes based on criteria like tags, links, and custom metadata. Use it to write queries that dynamically list notes related to a specific project or employee. For example, you can query all notes tagged with #ProjectA or all notes linking to the Elmer Fudd note.

Here’s a simple Dataview query example:

FROM #ProjectA

This query would list all notes tagged with #ProjectA, providing a clickable list directly in your Project A note.


In Addition

What you are looking for sounds like “PKM,” Personal Knowledge Management.

Below two videos from different content creators you may find helpful:

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To “connect” information in your daily notes, you indeed need to mark the information. Rather than tags, I personally rather use “link tags”, i.e., links to the notes about the person or project. In these notes, the backlinks will automatically list where the person of project has been mentioned. Such backlinks can be narrowed down further by a keyword search. This automatically provides the query for details related to an employee or a project you referred to.

Using only core search functionality of Obsidian (core plugin “Search”), searching for "[[Elmer Fudd]]" will list all notes where the link has been made. The list can be collapsed to show only the notes, or expanded to show the different locations within each note where the link has been made.

Results of search can be embedded in a note with a query code block, for example:

"[[Elmer Fudd]]"

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