Should I avoid/filter out single "entity" links to make it easier to stumble upon insights?

I have a lot of Evernotes where I have this pattern of linking - many notes to one parent. For example, “Bitcoin” and “Basic Attention Token” each linked to “Cryptocurrency”.

In the Obsidian graphing mode/world, is there a downside to this style of linking? I know I can just use tags to establish a form or version of hierarchy, but since Obsidian adds this graph view (which I’m a new to) I want to ensure I feed it the best data…

Maybe the answer is - it depends, or wait and see? It seems so mystical and I am willing to believe!

I don’t see a problem with that. I have hierarchical index notes / MOCs. I prefer it to straight folders because I can put a note in multiple places. E.g. I can put an insight from Aristotle on friendship in both the “Ancient philosophy” index and the “Friendship” index. This makes it more likely that I’ll stumble on the note later. It also encourages unexpected connections, because that “Friendship” index might also have a note from Confucius which I would never have linked to Aristotle on my own.

I happen to stumble upon another thread (Find and replace links across all files in a vault - #4 by Klaas) that happen to be about this topic:

Those are one-word notes (e.g. “deep work” or “job” or “ideas”) that I linked up because it was so easy[^1].

I think maybe this will be a “let’s wait and see” type of problem. I have a lot of existing Evernote content that is like this where one-word notes like “french fries”, “leptin” or “gluconeogenesis”.

Right now I am thinking these are “OK” and I can have a separate folder for them, or find a way to distinguish them with an initial symbol or emoji. Then in the graph view, filter them away so the interesting thought stumbling can happen.