Should aliases be unique?

Apologies if this is a really stupid question, but here goes. Should aliases (like file names in the same folder) be unique, or can two files safely have the same alias which is then individually selectable because of the attachment to a unique file name?

I have two friends with the same first names. Ana Maria Clavell and Ana Maria Gladiol. I can, as such, give both of them the same alias (Ana Maria) but am I creating problems for the future? Better to use unique aliases?

Thanks in advance.

Well, you either ask one of them if you could escort them to the registry office…

…joking aside, I don’t think it’s a problem programatically…it’s just you’d need to make doubly sure you pick the right alias belonging to the right note.
I am on a 83% zoom vault to gain screen real estate and need to lean forward for stuff like this…then my neck hurts…


Many thanks for the humour and the insight. Both appreciated.

Have not used aliases in the last couple of years and was eager to understand the best practices.

:clap: :+1:

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I could have just answered:
But that could sound rude.

Actually, thanks for reminding me, because I was cleaning up some files a week ago and one of the files I forgot to delete.
The alias was a metathesis of a title, and those are equally difficult to see because t, l and other letters are so similar.

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You probably already know it, but in case you don’t, you might want to try Atkinson Hyperlegible as a free font that pitches itself as being easier to read. Depends on the eyes of the reader, of course.

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Thanks, I looked at the PDF brochure too.

This is a big commitment for me, leaving one typeset for another. I can suffer and stay inactive for long periods of time until I end up going back to the set I am comfortable with.

If the font is off in a text, I cannot see through it quickly enough and is a strain in itself.
Of course I use Obsidian for longform writing.

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