Should Accent Color Mute in Hidden Text?

Hi everyone,

I’ve noticed this for a while and I’m not quite sure whether it is a bug or a limitation of the default theme’s dark mode.

Essentially, I’d like to know whether it should happen that text colored with the accent color (i.e., tags, links, text between single brackets) when hidden (i.e., wrapped between two % signs) does not become “muted” (not sure whether this is the proper term).

In other words, regular text (again, in dark mode), when hidden, turns from white to a dark grey. However, I see nothing happen to the color of tags, links, or text between single brackets when hidden. Is this intended? I would expect that accent-colored text should also be muted…

Thanks for the help!

It’s the same in light mode as well using the default theme.

Just guessing here, but the CSS that causes regular text to be muted in comments isn’t being applied to, or is being superseded by the CSS that covers markdown elements.

I don’t think this would be considered a bug, as all %%comments%% are hidden in reading view. Just a quirk? If a bug, a minor one. Let’s see what others have to say!

Comments are a big mess. When I encountered this for the first time I thought this was weird especially because it already breaks for bold and italic text, so I created a snippet to fix most of it:

.cm-s-obsidian, .is-unresolved,
.cm-commenturl {
	color: var(--code-comment);




Ooo! This is a good workaround :smiley: Thank you for sharing the snippet!

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