Shortest Path for Links created with Path

Use case or problem

Currently when using [[path/file]] to create a file (in order to save myself from having to use the mouse to make sure that my new file goes in the right folder), the file gets created correctly but retains the visible name [[path/file]] even if I have the option to display shortest path checked. This is visually distracting because the other links in the file aren’t as long and have a different structure, but it’s not, like, a crisis or anything.

Proposed solution

Ideally, the file would get created, and then the filename on the original note would revert to [[file]] instead of [[path/file]] as appropriate.

Apparently this is difficult to do because reasons, but Licat said to file the FR so he remembers to noodle over it and try to come up with a solution to the problem of having a “navigate” and “edit” behavior at the same time.

Current workaround (optional)

My current workaround is to just not use this (otherwise awesome) feature.


This behavior is inconsistent. It appears that this happens when you are creating a new file, but referencing an existing file behaves as you have mentioned.

I feel like this behavior should be flipped consistent and retain the path in both situations. This would enable a user to have “Shortest Path” turned on, but selectively create links with the full path.


If I want to reference the file: people/Murf and I begin to type [[people/Murf hitting enter would replace that text with [[Murf]] . It would be nice if the autocomplete kept the filepath I added manually so I don’t have to go back and edit the reference.

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