Shortcuts I use for macOS version

For those that may find it useful

Here are my configured shortcuts for macOS

Shortcut Description
⌘; Close Active Pane
⌘’ Close All Other Panes
⌘⇧P Copy File Path
⌘N Create New Note
F2 Edit File Title
⌘8 Fold All Heading and Lists
⎇↵ Follow Link Under Cursor
⌘⇧A Insert Attachment
⌘K Insert Markdown Link
⌘Home Move to another folder
⌘⎇← Navigate Back
⌘⎇→ Navigate forward
⌘+ Open command palette
F1 Help
⌘⎇↵ Open link under cursor in new pane
⌘O Quick Switcher
⌘, Open Settings
⌘↑ Fold the list
Indent the list and sublists
⌘⇧↓ Move lists and sublists down
⌘⇧↑ Move lists and sublists up
⇧↹ Outdent the lists and sublists
⌘↓ unfold the list
⌘F11 Open weekly note
⌘F10 Open previous weekly note
⌘F12 Open next weekly note
⌘S Save current file
⌘⎇F Search and replace in current file
⌘F Search in current file
⌘⇧F Search in all files
⌘5 Show file explorer
⌘* Show starred items
⌘T Templater - Insert Template
⌘. Toggle backlinks in document
⌘B Toggle bold
⌘L Toggle bullet list
⌘↵ Toggle checklist status
⌘E Toggle edit/preview mode
⌘H Toggle highlight
⌘I Toggle italics
⌘4 Toggle left sidebar
⌘- Toggle pin
⌘6 Toggle right sidebar
⌘1 Toggle strikethrough
⌘2 Unfold all heading and lists
⌘F1 Reveal active file in navigation