Shortcut to transform non-bulleted list to bulleted list?

Things I have tried

selected a multiline block of text, then tried hitting “-” and ctrl- and shift- and shift,ctrl- and super-

  • none worked

What I’m trying to do

take a multiline block of text and turn it into a bulleted list. (many markdown editors do this, I’m just assuming Obsidian has this function).

Yep, it exists. The command is “Toggle bullet list”, and you can map it to a hotkey. It works on multiple line selections too.

I mapped “Toggle checklist status” to command + ENTER.

On a normal line, Command + ENTER once changes it to a bulleted list. Doing it again changes it to a checklist, and a third time marks the checkbox as done. So I kind of get both in one.

If you only want “Toggle bullet list” or “Toggle numeric list”, those are separate, core commands.

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