Shortcut to delete a line?

Hi, is there a keyboard shortcut to delete the current line in Obsidian?

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You can assign a shortcut to ‘delete a paragraph’ from “Settings - Hotkeys”.

For only a single line, a keyboard shortcut can be used to select the line and then delete as usual. (Shift + Home on windows, macOS seems to be tedious)


On Mac at least you can use ctrl-a to go the beginning of a line and then ctrl-k to delete the line from the cursor to the end. ctrl-e jumps to the end of a line, FWIW.


thank you for all the answers. I ended up using Cmd-X (on mac), seems to do the job well for common cases for me.

in Mac, cmd+k kills a entire line which is ended with a return.
In other applications in Mac, you can also Yank the killed content by pressing cmd+y.

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