Shortcut to Create Checkbox?

In the previous version of Obsidian you could use the command + enter to create a checkbox. In the new version this no longer works. Not sure if this is a bug or intended. I am using a Mac. If not a bug, how can create check boxes via a shortcut?

Toggle still works the same. Please advise.

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You can use Templater to assign a shortcut to your template. This template can include text, markdown formatting code or both. You can pin commands in Command palette. Then you can just press cmd/ctrl + p and click to insert your template. There’s also a command to open a dialog box where you can pick a template of your choice.

There is option to add a hotkey for creating a checkbox? I am not looking to add a template, I just want to add a checkbox. It used to work with the previous version. Did they remove it?

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The default is cmd/ctrl+L but you can change it to whatever you’d like:


Again, that DOES NOT create a checkbox. That allow yo to toggle them on and off and move through them. I need to CREATE one. Before cmd+enter created them.

This features is now gone or is it a bug???

How can you add the following:

Command Hotkey
Create Checkbox Cmd + Enter

It was changed. Ctrl+L works for me. :person_shrugging:

The default hotkey for “Toggle checkbox status” has been changed to CtrlL (or L on MacOS). CtrlEnter is now the default hotkey for opening links under the cursor in a new tab. You can change these hotkeys in settings.

Me too, I sometimes come across the problem that I simply would like to type the Markdown code for a checkbox and find the keyboard shortcuts not completely adequate for my flow of thinking — you have to first type the text/entry/to do then the keyboard shortcut, which makes you change your fingers’ position. My solution is through a Typinator snippet :
CleanShot 2023-07-19@08h36m57

I can thus type -td (for “To Do”, obviously) and Typinator types for me - [ ] . Thus my mindflow is not disrupted…

My two cents.

I guess I’m misunderstanding the issue. Here, on each new line, I’m running the “Toggle checkbox status” command once.

CleanShot 2023-07-19 at 17.14.31

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