Shortcut to copy from obsidian and paste onto linux terminal

Is there a better way to copy from obsidian and paste onto linux terminal?


I just started using obsidian so I am a beginner. I watched John Hammond’s videos how he utilized obsidian for red teaming certifications such as oscp and osep.

One way to copy and paste to terminal from obsidian is as follows:

  1. Mouse cursor drag to select command (on obsidian) and ctrl + c

  2. ctrl + shift + V onto linux terminal

Is there a more faster and efficient way to copy and paste just by keyboard keys? I feel that it is useful for practical certification exams as aforementioned as it can potential reduce time lag when copy and paste to different terminal or window.

Hi @GhoulSS,

In preview (non-editable) mode, yes, you need to select regular text with the mouse in order to copy the text.

If the text is inside a code block, you can click the “copy” button in the upper right of the code block to copy all the text at once.

In editing or live preview mode, you can use the keyboard to select the text, then Ctrl-C to copy the text into your clipboard.

Hope this is helpful!


Thanks man :crossed_fingers:

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