Shortcut to bring up the auto-complete popup

Use case or problem

I just found a problem that made me think of IDE’s common code completion shortcut CMD+Space would be helpful. I also write in non-english language so sometimes my keyboard is set to Internation US which allows diacritics to be added to some letters. So when I was trying to link to a block of text and I pressed ^ instead of entering that character right away it enters a “temporary placeholder” ˆ for it waiting for me to either press space bar to continue with the ^ or press a letter and have it it like: ˆ + a = â.

The temporary placeholder makes the link auto-completion popup go away. Having CMD+Space I could’ve brought it back up.

Proposed solution

Add CMD+Space shortcut for opening the auto-complete popup for links (or any other auto-complete if there are any)

Current workaround (optional)

Change the keyboard layout to US to press ^

Let me know if I managed to make myself clear.