Shortcut to add current note title?


I started to use intensively Obsidian and falling more and more in love with it. And the addition of the Obsidian android app + sync service… Great !

Currently, I am starting to implement kinda todo list of the notes I have to work on.

So on each note, I create a todo line like this :

  • [ ] my note title

Is there a way to get the my note title automatically entered with a keyboard shortcut ?


Yes, you can do this @szdavid

install 2 community plugins:

  • Templater
  • Hotkeys for templates

Then, make a note in your templates folder that has just this content:

- [ ] <% tp.file.title %>

Assign that to a hotkey… voila


So simple ! Thanks

Thanks for this great tip. It looks fine in preview mode, but I get this in edit mode:

- [ ] Workbench

Any idea what is causing the slashes?

Can you screenshot it? I don’t see any slashes

The top line shows the slashes. Thanks for offering to help.

hmm… that’s really odd. Just checking- is this how you’re set up?

a template called e.g. “note title template” :

then edit a note and trigger your hotkey:

If you copy/paste from the forum, it actuallyadd slashes and you have to remove them

Dangit, I mean, thank you. You are, of course, right. I had copy/pasted. You are appreciated.

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