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Hello, Obsidian community, I’m new and I have a lot of questions I guess most of the questions have already been answered here, but I don’t know where to look for this tips.

I really like what I discover, on the other hand I don’t know how to “code” myself ! So I wanted to know if an extension or if natively we can create keyboard shortcuts to add a complete block of text?

The idea would be to do for example:
Ctrl + Alt + P to generate this text :

color: 253, 63, 120

Blablablabla text

  • [X] aller courir
  • [ ] signer contrat client
  • [ ] découvrir obsidian

which gives this:
a block of pink color (Admonition extension)

Hoping someone can help me.

Thank you Obsidians

The Templates core plugin does what you want.

You can open the Insert Template menu from the sidebar or the command palette. If it doesn’t already have a hotkey assigned, you can set one.

If you want a hotkey that directly inserts a template, there is a Hotkeys for templates community plugin.


Oh thank’s a lot.
Hotkeys it’s perfect.


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